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Ever tried blog-ironing?

May 1, 2010

So what is “Blog-ironing”? Well for me it’s the same as blog-hoovering, blog-dusting/cleaning, blog-gardening …. in fact blog-anything that doesn’t involve much thought, and where you have the time and mental space to think of things other than what you’re doing.

I’ve sat down many times at my computer with the intention of thinking of content for my first (and subsequent) blogs only to find I go blank. Yet when I engage in something like ironing, I find my mind wandering off and being creative.

So now when I set up the ironing board, get out the hoover, or gardening gloves, I also make sure I have a pen and notebook to hand, so I can capture anything creative or thoughtful ideas before they disappear. Not all of them will end up as a blog, I’m sure.

Perhaps it’s also something to do with being quite kinaesthetic. I learn better when I am doing things.

To anyone reading this who “blogs”, I am interested to hear how you get yourself into a blogging-mindset. Where does your inspiration and/or motivation come from? Do you open up a bottle, ensure an inspiring view, put on your favourite music, wait for events to come along to write about, or create them? Perhaps it’s a combination of the above, or something else.