28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

So why the challenge?

One of my goals for 2011 is to increase the frequency of my blogs to at least one a week. (See How smart are SMART goals for more on this.)

I chose the 28 Day Challenge approach to develop the habit of blogging and to explore writing styles. I’ve heard said that if you do something on a daily basis for 21 days, it becomes a habit. The extra 7 days is about embedding this habit! So for the month of February I will be blogging about a range of topics on a daily basis. Notice how I said there, “… I will be …” rather than “I will try to”!

As setting goals is a key part of what I do with clients, I have naturally been working on the detail of this goal … the benefits, what the outcome will look/feel like, staying motivated, time scales, etc. These are some of the kinds of things I will also be including in my blogging programme, where relevant. Other topics include:

  • responses and outcomes from my recent goal setting survey (including comments on obstacles to achieving goals)
  • a focus on coaching: International Coaching Week starts in the UK on 7th Feb, so for that week there will be blogs around general coaching elements/themes
  • a look at coaching in schools, currently my main focus for work
  • weekly updates, every Saturday, reviewing my progress towards my goal
  • plus some miscellaneous topics that take my fancy!

I am looking forward to this challenge, what I will learn, how it will test and develop me, to see if my writing style and attitude towards blogging changes. As part of this learning process I also welcome your comments about the blogs (the style as well as the content). As I head off on this journey, I’d love to hear from anyone else who’s taken a similar path and what you found along the way.

(Photo courtesy of Salvatore Vuono)

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