From Comfort Zone to Panic Zone

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 4

Where does your goal sit?

… Comfort zone, stretch zone or panic zone?

  • Does working towards your goal feel very comfortable to you?
  • Does it challenge you so that you feel it’s stretching your skills / knowledge / talent?
  • Or are you totally panicked at the thought of working on your goal?

For a goal to excite, interest, grab and motivate you it needs to stretch you. Setting goals and targets are about moving you / your team forward, making improvements, trying new things, extending skills, etc.

If your goal is too challenging or too scary, something needs to be adjusted – to bring it back into the stretch zone, and thus, more achievable.

Try this …

  • Draw yourself 3 concentric circles like the ones above
  • Start listing things that you do, which feel comfortable to you, in the Comfort Zone; everyday stuff, activities you’re confident with
  • Then list things that totally panic you in the Panic Zone. A common one for people is public speaking / running big meetings (these  are work examples, but your list doesn’t need to contain purely work-related things)
  • Finally, consider what activities lie between the two, and could go in the Stretch Zone; perhaps some new things you are trying: a new hobby, using some new equipment, learning a new skill … Ensure your goals for this year are in this list and are stretching you!

Remember – what is in one person’s panic zone may be a comfort zone task for someone else. As you set and achieve stretching goals, the list of things in your comfort zone will expand, and you will see that what previously may have seemed impossible is now within reach.

Have fun stretching!

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2 Responses to “From Comfort Zone to Panic Zone”

  1. kettlebellqueen Says:

    Interesting, I’m ore used to fitness goal setting than work goal setting. Some of my best achievements have been on the line between stretch and panic! Those risky just have a go moments.

    I’ve just signed up for 6 week programs from a trainer who knows me a little, he sets a series of mini-goals for me as I work towards a self set larger one-some of which are very stretching and I would not have set them for myself. However I am starting to achieve them and surprising myself (I write about it in my blog).

    In schools the SiP often has a similar role in terms of challenging a school to move forward and I find this useful. Who will do this for schools when they go?

    • squaretwocoaching Says:

      Thanks for your feedback and comments.
      Interesting to hear about your achievements on the stretch-panic borderline, and great to hear how your current program is showing successes. I wonder what else is possible?!

      Re schools and SiP – perhaps the following questions may help:
      – what do they do, specifically, that challenges a school to move forward?
      – what tools do you already have that could be used in a similar way?
      – what else do you need, and how can you get it?

      Good luck for the rest of the 6-week programs, and I’ll take a look at your blog!

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