28 Day Blog Challenge Review – Part 2

Welcome to Day 12 of my 28 Day Blog Challenge, and my second ‘Saturday goal review’

Interesting things have happened during the second week …

My pattern for preparing posts this week has become to write them the previous day, then do a final edit the following morning before posting. The morning of Day 6 should have been a simple ‘read and edit for spellings’ time (especially being a Sunday!) However, when I looked at it again, I didn’t like it. This resulted in half an hour re-drafting before sending out.

After posting, I had some feedback on the title, the picture and the opening paragraph – they were slightly misleading. This resulted in another quick re-draft and title change (approx 5 minutes). Finally I was happy!  A bonus here was that my original blog had been split into 2, the second of which also went out that day, although took about 45 minutes to finalize and send out.

Day 10 was a really busy day, and gave rise to a blog about bad habits on Day 11. Despite my plans for what to write about and when, sometimes things happen to change those plans to give a more worthwhile result (at least I thought so!)

My main lesson for this week comes from a reminder about my tendency to sometimes have unrealistically high expectations of myself. It’s fine to have high expectations, to strive for what you want, but be wary of taking it too far!

“Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing”

(Harriet Braiker)

“No one is perfect … that’s why pencils have erasers”

(Unknown author)

General progress towards my Blog Challenge goal is going well and I’m continuing to send out daily posts. I’m still getting positive feedback on my posts, and look forward more and more to writing them each day. The task is moving into my Comfort Zone!

(Photo courtesy of Salvatore Vuono)

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