Want more confidence in the workplace?

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 21

What builds confidence at work?

  • self belief?
  • positive feedback?
  • achieving success?
  • having clear focus and direction?

How much do you enjoy what you do, and how much of that is a reflection of your confidence levels at work?

Results from my recent Goal Setting Survey showed that just over 20% of respondents are setting their goals for 2011 in the area of building confidence in the workplace.

Confidence is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, believing in your abilities, and knowing that you can cope with whatever comes your way in a calm and measured way. It comes from being motivated, sticking with your values and principles, and finding your passion.

If you find yourself needing to build confidence at work, here are a few tips to get you started…

Being specific

“Building confidence at work” is a very general statement and quite vague when it comes to deciding what action to take. So be specific. Think about which particular areas of your work (or your working day) make you feel least confident. This will narrow the focus and make it more realistic to tackle.

Acting the part

Our body language, tone of voice and words often tell others how confident we are feeling. 55% of what you communicate face to face comes from your body language. So how would a more confident you look? Would you be standing taller, shoulders back, and weight distributed evenly? Look at others who you consider are confident – how do they communicate confidence through body language?

Ask for feedback

Some of our confidence comes from positive feedback, either from recognising in ourselves what we’ve done well, or from being told by others. It’s good to know how well we are doing, and if you aren’t getting feedback, perhaps it’s time to ask! Start with people whose opinions you trust and act positively on what you hear.

Also bear in mind here that you could look in a range of areas for your feedback, including customers / clients, not just peers and line managers.

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