Making assumptions and the balloon whisk

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 22

I’ve recently taken to developing my culinary skills and bought the new Jamie Oliver “30 minute meals” cook book. The hope is to cook great meals in a shorter amount of time! So far, the recipes have proven to be very tasty and if I can get everything prepared before I start – I can get close to 30 minutes!

What helps you achieve the 30 minute deadline is the use of blenders, electric whisks, microwave and other electrical implements to cut down the preparation time. Last week I made a meal which involved using a food processor and various attachments.

Towards the end of the cooking time I had to whisk some ingredients that were heating in a wide pan. I assumed that I’d need the balloon whisk that attached to the food processor ….. how wrong could I have been.

Needless to say most of the contents of the pan ended up out of the pan and up the wall behind the cooker. In my haste, I hadn’t read the instructions carefully – it should have been a normal hand-held balloon whisk. I won’t be making that mistake again!

Why do we make assumptions?

Do we do it because it’s easier / quicker to assume something or someone will behave in a certain way?

Do we do it because experience has shown us that in most cases the pattern has been the same?

Have you ever made an assumption about a situation that has proven to be incorrect?

I think most of us would answer “yes” to the last question. We assume that because the traffic will be quieter at certain times of day, we allow less travelling time than if we thought it was busy. We assume that because our local Deli has our favourite cheese in every time we visit, it’ll be there for us when we need it for that special occasion.

What about assumptions about people and their behaviour?

More on this in tomorrow’s blog …

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