Celebrating achievements

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 28!!

We work hard, we have expectations of ourselves, we set ourselves targets and goals … but what happens when we achieve them?

Do we celebrate the achievements or ignore them?

Do we share the success with others or keep it to ourselves?

And does our ability to celebrate depend what the achievement is / how big it is?

Today I celebrate the end of my 28 Day Blog Challenge. As my reward, I have booked some time out to walk in Derbyshire. I am also sharing my success in this blog, as well as a blog to come (28 Day Blog Challenge Learnings). Nevertheless, experience has shown me that people I’ve worked with or coached spend less time celebrating success than they do thinking about what’s not gone well. Feelings of disappointment or general satisfaction of personal performance seem to far outweigh the joy of achievement.

Perhaps not everyone needs to feel good about their successes.

But what happens when the achievements are those of members of our team?

As team leaders, do we provide them with a quiet compliment, something more public, or does it go unnoticed? I appreciate that not everyone needs praise or recognition; and there’s not always time during busy working days to compliment colleagues on all their successes. So what’s the right balance?

This year I have been taking part in a business growth program, and the first part of our monthly meetings is sharing our business successes with other members of the group. This has proven to not only get the meetings off to a positive start, but kept us motivated (as well as accountable!)

So how often do you celebrate your achievements?

(Photos: balloons; jump for joy; fireworks)

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6 Responses to “Celebrating achievements”

  1. Loi Says:

    Congratulations on completing the 28 Day Blog Challenge!
    I think I probably don’t celebrate achievements as much a I should – I keep looking for the next challenge (as they say the fun is in the chase).
    Will have to think of more ways to ‘celebrate’!

    • squaretwocoaching Says:

      Thanks for the congratulations, Loi. It’s been a challenge but well worth it!!
      I think it’s interesting what you say about looking for the next challenge. Does ‘task satisfaction’ come from the process rather than the end result??
      Keep finding ways to celebrate (and more often) – remember they don’t need to be traditional or financial ways!
      Thanks again, Debbie

  2. LouiseBJ Says:

    Woohoo!! Well done Debbie πŸ™‚ I know just how focused you need to be to write a blog post or article every day because I’ve done it myself!

    I absolutely agree with you on the need to celebrate each small achievement or step towards a larger goal. One of the problems of deferring the celebration until the big goal is realised is that it can end up being a bit of an anticlimax…..

    I hope you enjoyed your walk – you truly deserve it πŸ™‚

    • squaretwocoaching Says:

      Thanks so much Louise for the positive comments and support! πŸ™‚
      Will be writing my 28 Day Blog Learnings Blog later this week … need to reflect for a couple of days.
      Yes, I agree about the anticlimax situation, and I’ve often found that small celebrations for shorter-term achievements keeps you motivated and helps with momentum.

  3. Dave Doran Says:

    Debbie, a big congratulations on completing your 28 day blog challenge. It has been a pleasure to read and follow you on your journey. I know how diifficult it must have been as I struggle to post 3 times a week so you must have some great tips on how to better manage time for blog posting. Look forward to your reflections and I will link them on the S4P blog review.

    Enjoy a well earned rest and well deserved celebrations.


    • squaretwocoaching Says:

      Dave, thanks so much for your congratulations; it means a lot! Thanks also for featuring a couple of my blogs on the S4P blog review. I’ve enjoyed reading the other blogs you referenced – and it’s a good way to make connections with other coaches πŸ™‚

      I’ve just started writing up my “blog challenge learnings” post, and hope to have it done by the end of tomorrow, if not sooner.

      Best wishes,

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