28 Day Blog Challenge Learnings

YES! I’ve achieved my 28 Day Blog Challenge and it’s time to celebrate!

But before I do this, I always like to look back at what I’ve learned.

My learnings …

I have a Blog chair!

When you compose a blog, do you sit at your computer, do you vary where you write, or do you have a favourite place in your house or office?

During my blog challenge the place where I was most productive …. where ideas flew more readily …. was my blog chair. It’s comfortable and cosy, a bit old and tattered, and offers few distractions. When I’ve tried composing directly on to my WordPress blog, I can be distracted by checking emails / tweets, etc. So for future blog writing sessions, I will resort to my blog chair!

I must admit, though, there were times when the ideas weren’t flowing and I’ve have to resort to blog ironing!

Was it a challenge?

Definitely! I started out quite well prepared, but as the month rolled on my posts were coming out later in the day. A lot of this was to do with working around other commitments (e.g. clients), and it did mean some other things didn’t happen (e.g. not tweeting as much!) It definitely made me more focused, and my time to write blogs did get shorter.


Publishing something on a daily basis which other people can / will read ranks up the accountability factor! I was not only accountable to myself, but potentially to anyone expecting to see a post each day. At times, this definitely helped to keep the momentum going.

What about the benefits?

In one of my first blogs during the challenge I identified some potential benefits to achieving the goal. Having completed the challenge I can now say:

  • I definitely feel more confident writing blogs
  • I don’t think my writing style has really changed over the course of the challenge, but at the moment I am happy with what I’m producing
  • Research into some of the blog topics has further developed my subject knowledge
  • From reading more blogs by other people, and getting into dialogue in the comments section, I have learned more about what people like to read and discuss
  • In terms of adding value, I can only say that I’ve had some positive comments, been invited to guest blog, and some of the posts have been featured in online newsletters

Next steps

It’s an ongoing process! My original blogging goal was to developing my blog writing skills and frequency of posts, delivering weekly posts as a minimum by the end of March. I now plan to write 2 posts a week to see how much of what I’ve learned I can retain and maintain!

If you have managed to follow me through this challenge, I hope you found it interesting / relevant šŸ™‚ Thanks also to those who passed on positive comments and encouragement via Twitter, etc. It was much appreciated!

(Photo courtesy of Keattikorn)

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2 Responses to “28 Day Blog Challenge Learnings”

  1. Andy Britnell Says:

    Congratulations Debbie

    Funny about the ironing thing – gets me in the zone for thinking about blog posts too. Also, whilst away from the computer, you can craft the outline of a post and touch it up later once it is on the screen.

    When you write something ‘on screen’ I find it useful to let it lie for a while and come back later with a fresh perspective to finish it off. I am fortunate in having a writer and blogger as a partner, so she makes sure my grammar and punctuation is spot on.

    It is a similar creative process to making music for me and a form of self development. Like you the research, reading other people’s blogs and making comments helps me to develop my blogging expertise.

    Looking froward to following you on your journey.


    • squaretwocoaching Says:

      Thanks for your comments Andy. Pleased I’m not the only one into ‘blog ironing’!

      Yes, despite doing the bulk of my blogs in the “blog chair”, I often edit as I go along typing it up on to the computer. Then I leave it and come back to it later in the day, or the following morning, for one last check / tweak before posting.

      I agree – It’s good to have another pair of eyes and I have asked my husband to check a few for me.

      Looking forward to reading your blogs too, and learning from them!


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