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The 12 Stress Less Days to Christmas: Day 9

December 21, 2012

Day #9: Use your strengths to see you through this busy period

SWOT analysis, strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat words

Are you good at organising people?

Can you solve problems relatively quickly and efficiently?

Do you possess good communication skills?

These are examples of the kind of skills/strengths that can stand you in good stead in the lead up to Christmas.

When you use what you’re good at it can make the holiday period less stressful because these skills come more naturally to you.

 What are your strengths, and how are you using them at the moment?

The 12 Stress Less Days to Christmas: Day 3

December 15, 2012


Day #3: Avoid the queues and shop online!

This is probably a no-brainer; many people already do this.

I do like to support my local shops wherever possible, and regularly buy from local farm shops. But when time is short and roads are icy, online shopping can save a lot of hassle.

Simple searches online can produce a range of sites to choose from …

Putting in “Presents for him” comes up with a few options, including:


I’m not particularly endorsing these ones and I’m sure you’ll find sites that suit your tastes and budget.

Here’s a few from “Presents for her”:


The ones which offer experiences tend to be popular with those who have everything! Here are a couple:

Have you found any useful websites for present buying this year? If so, please share the URL and any comments below!

Why the clutter?

February 24, 2011

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 24

Coinciding with the appearance of snowdrops, daffodils and tulips, I’ve been thinking about spring cleaning and de-cluttering.

With the de-cluttering bit coming before I can clean any spaces, I’ve so far sorted 2 bookcases (although not like this!) and emptied half my wardrobe. It also felt satisfying de-cluttering my Inbox, although there’s nothing I can physically clean there (in fact that’s a bonus!) So I’m now wondering what else I can clear out / tidy up, and how I ended up here in the first place!

Why do we ‘clutter’?

I often hear people saying they find it hard to throw things away … “because they might come in useful sometime”. Is this you? Or is it about not knowing where to put things / how to organise your possessions?

In Dejunk Your Life Helen Foster suggests a few reasons why we clutter:

1. Age – older people have a “waste not want not” philosophy, having experienced difficult times / depressions. With our recent recession period I see this age group including younger generations too!

2. Right-brained – people who are creative, often late, don’t like working to a schedule, and use lots of visual stimuli, have a tendency to clutter. They find it hard to file / categorise things because they can think of a few different places where things could go.

3. Parents – we pick up habits from our parents or significant others who we live with. Foster suggests that if your parents were over-tidy you might rebel by not clearing up after you; whilst “deprived” children will develop a tendency to surround themselves with things out of security.

4. Gender – when encouraged to de-clutter, men like to keep things, but want to be helped to compartmentalise things better (particularly paper). Alternatively, whilst women like to buy lots of stuff and don’t get around to throwing things out, once they are shown what’s useless, they want it gone!

I realise these are generalizations, but you might recognize yourself in there somewhere! I fall into categories 2 and 4.

Do you have a tendency to clutter?

Have you had this habit in the past, but no more?

When is clutter a good thing?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

(Photo courtesy of Maggie Smith)