28 Day Blog Challenge Review – Part 3

Welcome to Day 19 of my 28 Day Blog Challenge, and my third ‘Saturday goal review’

The pattern for posting this week has generally been to write the blog on the day of posting. Although still happy with posts I’m sending out, it has meant they have gone out later in the day than previous weeks. I started to develop a feeling of ‘getting behind’, but not panicking! This has made me determined to get next week’s blogs planned in advance – in outline, as least.

I’ve had some lovely feedback on some of this week’s postings, so I going to continue with my current plans for now. However, one of the things I wanted to do during this challenge was continue to read other people’s blogs, review what I liked about them, and help this to hone my own style. So tomorrow’s blog focus will be to share some thoughts on other blogs I like and why.

Until then ….!

(Photo courtesy of Salvatore Vuono)

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